The 10 Most Cruel Deaths of all Time

Byford Dolphin accident

Byford Dolphin is a drilling rig, known most notably for an explosive decompression accident in 1983 that killed five workers. All divers were exposed to an eight-Atmosphere change in air pressure, leading to instantaneous massive-expansion of his internal bodily gasses, causing him to explode into many small parts which rained down upon the rig. Subsequent investigation by forensic pathologists determined Truls Hellevik was exposed to the highest pressure gradient, violently exploding due to the rapid and massive expansion of internal gases. All of his thoracic and abdominal organs, and even his thoracic spine, were ejected, as were all of his limbs. Simultaneously, his remains were expelled through the narrow trunk opening left by the jammed chamber door, less than 60 centimeters in diameter.