The 10 Most Cruel Deaths of all Time

Balthasar Gerards

The assassin of the Dutch independence leader William I of Orange, Balthasar Gérard was captured after attempting to escape and sentenced to brutal torture. The torturing included being whipped with a lash. After this his wounds were smeared with honey, so a goat could lick it up. He was forced to sleep with his hands and feet bound together. A weight of 150 kg was attached to his big toes for half an hour. He was fitted with well-oiled, too small shoes made of uncured dog skin. He was put in front of a fire, so the heat contracted the shoes and crushed his feet. The remainder half burned skin was torn off. His armpits were branded. He was dressed in a shirt soaked in alcohol and they poured burning bacon fat over him. If this was not enough, they placed nails between the flesh and nails of hands and feet.