The 10 Most Cruel Deaths of all Time

Jeffrey Dahmer

Psychiatrists said he had a “borderline personality disorder”.  Those crimes include the rape and murder of 17 men and boys, many of which he had sex with after their death. He tried to make sex zombies out of some of them by drilling a hole in the victim’s head and pouring in various solutions. Dahmer cut up many of his victims, cutting the flesh off the bones and smashing up the bones to make disposal easier. He kept some of the body parts in his refrigerator for sexual purposes at his leisure, and even used a boiled skull as a masturbation aid. Dahmer had murdered a man in Ohio years before the other murders in Milwaukee, but did not face trial until he was caught and the case became sensational. Serving life in prison for his crimes, Dahmer was beaten to death in prison in 1994, to the delight of most of the families of his victims.