Though best known for THAT ring entrance as MNM’s valet, Melina forged a nice little career for herself in WWE, and while she had her detractors, she was a two-time Divas Champion and three-time Women’s Champion by the time she left. Unfortunately, she was also the subject of some truly atrocious canned ideas during her WWE tenure, one of which played on her real-life fling with Batista in 2006.

In a typically tasteless WWE fashion, Melina was featured in a series of backstage vignettes attempting to seduce Batista. She’d eventually appear in a press conference to accuse Batista of forcing himself on her, before threatening legal action against The Animal. Melina recruited Mark Henry as “personal protection” and the angle faded away, but it could’ve been so much worse.

WWE’s original plan was to reveal that Melina was hiding a big secret all along: she was a man. Batista was supposed to eventually prove that not only were Melina’s accusations false, but so were her gender claims. Stephanie McMahon was fortunately on hand to scrap the angle as she felt it’d ruin Melina’s WWE career, but she managed to do a pretty good job of that herself later on…