In one of the most poorly-timed moves in wrestling history, Vince McMahon was “killed” on a June 2007 episode of Raw. A segment at the end of the show showed Vince entering his limousine moments before it exploded in a ball of flames, and moments later, WWE.com uploaded an article stating that Vince was missing presumed dead.

Speculation mounted, and two weeks later, WWE planned a three-hour long memorial to Mr. McMahon, who was presumably never coming back. Unfortunately, this coincided with the actual death of Chris Benoit and his family, and instead of acting as Vince’s obituary, McMahon opened the show to reveal that his death was part of an angle, and WWE aired an equally ill-timed Benoit tribute instead.

Vince revealed a few weeks later that he’d faked his own death to see what people really thought of him, but this wasn’t the angle’s intended conclusion. Instead, Linda McMahon was supposed to be revealed as her husband’s murderer, and after her arrest, Mr. Kennedy would rise to power as Vince’s illegitimate son.

The story would’ve seen Kennedy misuse his power to enter the WWE Championship scene, before Triple H eventually returned to challenge his ownership of the company. Instead, Hornswoggle was eventually revealed as Vince’s son, and Kennedy’s monster push never materialised.