Mark Henry’s flirtations with Mae Young and David Flair’s WCW relationship with Stacey Keibler were bad, but WWE almost produced the mother of all terrible wrestling romance angles a few years ago. Vince McMahon has come up with some incredibly creepy suggestions for his daughter Stephanie over the years, but none are worse than this.

WWE announced that Stephanie was pregnant with her first child in 2006, and Vince thought it’d be a good idea to write the pregnancy into an on-air storyline. The story goes that Vince called Steph into his office one day and proposed an incest storyline, which would ultimately culminate with Vince claiming that he was the father of Stephanie’s child.

Stephanie, of course, shot the idea down immediately, but Vince wasn’t deterred. Instead of realising the idea’s stupidity and canning it outright, Vince proposed that Shane be the father instead… because that’s so much better, right?

Again, Stephanie dismissed the angle, but it does make you wonder what goes on inside Mr. McMahon’s head. He has pitched a number of incest angles over the years, including a brother/sister romance between Ken and Ryan Shamrock, and another between Paul and Katie Lea Burchill.

The Stephanie pregnancy angle remains the most worrying, however. That’s his actual, real-life daughter, for crying out loud…