10 Theories to Know for Game of Thrones Season 8

 The White Walkers are probably going to win 

As we know all too well on Game of Thrones, our heroes almost never win. They die tragically and suddenly. Real justice is rare, if ever. So why should the ending of this saga be any different? And, let’s face it, things aren’t looking too good for Team Human. At the end of Season Seven, the Night King turned one of Daenerys’s dragons into a White Walker dragon, then used it to demolish The Wall that had been keeping them out for thousands of years. So let’s consider this for a second. If the Night King now has the ability to A) travel wherever he wants in Westeros by dragon and B) raise armies of undead using dead humans, what’s stopping him from flying to every graveyard in the Seven Kingdoms and creating armies that overwhelm, surround, and destroy humans? At this point, given the constant bickering and manipulation in Team Human, who’s to say the White Walkers shouldn’t win?