American Horror Story Facts you didn’t know!!!

The Axeman Inspired by a Serial Killer

A lot of the characters in AHS are based on real life characters, and the Axeman was no different. The Axeman of New Orleans was a real serial killer who, predictably, attacked people with an axe. The killer was active from May 1918 to October 1919 and attacked 12 people, although there are rumors it could have been more than that. The letter we see typing during the episode The Axeman Cometh is the same letter that the real Axeman penned back in 1919, asking people to play Jazz or get the axe. Also, the real Axeman was never caught, although the prime suspect was Joseph Momfre.

Another component that remains a mystery is whether or not the real Axeman penned the letter. It was written by a person purporting to be Axeman, but it was signed “Axman”, without an “e.”