The Beatles: The Truth Behind Some Of The Songs Which Made The Group Famous

  Norwegian Wood

“Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)” as written by John Lennon and Paul Mccartney….

I once had a girl
Or should I say she once had me
She showed me her room
Isn’t it good Norwegian wood?

She asked me to stay
And she told me to sit anywhere
So I looked around
And I noticed there wasn’t a chair

It was something about John Lennon’s affair. He was married at the time, and trying to write about his affair in a song without letting his wife know that he was actually having one. Norwegian Wood is a fake wood that was used to make cheap furniture. It was one of the first songs Lennon wrote that told a complete story of a man who gets invited to a girl’s house. When she won’t let him into her bed, he sleeps in the tub. When she leaves the next morning, he sets the place on fire.