Creepiest Places From Around the World

Helltown Ohio, United States 

Helltown is situated in the Northern Summit Country, Ohio. It came into being in 70s and was a prominent site of buyout. The houses of those days were torn down and it took the form of an amusement park. The dark wooden landscape is of Helltown is scary because the people’s souls whose houses were torn wander in the town. For example, there’s a bridge in the area that when you cross it you can supposedly here a crying baby. The nearby Boston Cemetery is believed to be haunted as well. According to the ghost-story tellers the Helltown is not a fit point for the tourists, there is only room for ghost-haunters to go there and explore the hidden secrets. A few of the ghost-haunters lost their lives during their stay at the Helltown. This is why, even the professional and experienced haunters hesitate to go there.