Metallica albums ranking from less popular to the best..

  1. ReLOAD

Metallica’s seventh album, Re-Load, comes on the heels of previous year’s Load, a record that purportedly drove an alternarock stake through the heart of the band’s metal career. Despite what they say, both that record and Re-Load which was originally slated to be a double LP — is more influenced by bluesy rock & roll than by any ’90s trend. And like all Metallica albums, Re-Load is strongly rooted in the group’s apocalyptic metal sound.

Hetfield’s voice has gotten more assured with each Metallica release since 1991’s “black album

Metal fans should still be grateful for Metallica But if the foursome is not capable of making a truly bad record anymore, Re-Load is their greats. Like the transitional albums that moved the band from the pure aggression of Kill ‘Em All to the flawless “black album,” Load and Re-Load are just steppingstones in the ongoing Metallica legacy.