Metallica albums ranking from less popular to the best..

  1. Load

This one is GREAT. But following up the Black Album in terms of popularity and success was never ever going to be easy. In fact you could have almost predicted that it was never going to be greeted with such open arms despite how great it was..

Some of the first words that come to mind about this album are epic, big, strong and solid..

Hetfield’s voice is as powerful as a bear, Hammett’s solo’s are inspired, Newsted’s bass lines rumble along like a herd of wilder beasts and Ulrich’s drumming as per usual provides the solid back bone and the heart beat to the music.
King Nothing is often referred to as Sandman of Load, in terms of its structure . Hero of the Day, Bleeding Me, Outlaw Torn and Mama Said give us a personal side that had never been demonstrated so well until now.

Some of the songs later in the album such as Poor Twisted Me and Ronnie keep the southern rock feel flowing,. There is a lot more layers on this album compared to others, be they vocal harmonies or extra guitar lines they all help to create such an expansive soundscape, it’s difficult not to get sucked right into the music.

Load is quite simply a great album and by Metallica’s standard quite experimental.