Pearl Jam: 15 Interesting Facts About The Band!

The Best Live Shows

Of course, Pearl Jam’s reputation does not solo come from awesome records like Ten, but also from their truly breathtaking live shows. As good as they sound in the studio, seeing Pearl Jam perform live is an entirely different entity.

Their gigs regularly surpass the two-and-a-half hour mark and feature upwards of thirty five songs. Looking at archive footage of the band in their 90s prime, you can really feel their energy and enthusiasm. Not that their energy or enthusiasm has waned any over the last twenty years, mind.

Far from it. The boys are still hitting the road, playing before massive crowds (they’re festival headline regulars) and mixing in their most recognisable anthems with rarities and even the odd cover or two. Clearly still dedicated to giving the fans their best and never phoning it in, epic tracks such as Black routinely hit the ten minute or over mark.

They’re a little older, sure, but the performance has lost none of its power. There’s no other band out there quite like Pearl Jam when it comes to delivering a kickass live show.