Pearl Jam: 15 Interesting Facts About The Band!

They Had One Of The Best MTV Unplugged Sets EVER

MTV Unplugged was a winning concept and a highlight of the station, back in the days before ‘Music Television’ meant awful reality shows. It was a great gimmick and, when it came to performers like Pearl Jam who were known for their electric sound, it made for fascinating viewing.

Out of the 101 performances, theirs was one of the best. Despite only having really one album “Ten” of material to draw from, it didn’t matter: they adapted to their surroundings and put on a hell of a show. Songs such as Alive and Black were given new depth and meaning in the acoustic environment.

The show also had a memorable non-musical moment when, during Porch, Vedder stood on his stool and wrote ‘PRO-CHOICE’ on his arm.