Things You Probably Didn’t Know About “THE BEATLES”, Even If You Are A Superfan…

The truest testament to their undeniable iconic status is how, after all these years, discoveries are still being made about John, Paul, George, and Ringo that would shock even the most emphatic super-fans of the world’s most beloved rock group. Think you’re a true Beatlemaniac?

The term ‘Beatlemania’ was invented by Canadian hack Sandy Gardiner, first appearing in the Ottawa Journal, November 1963, to describe “a new disease” sweeping the globe.

In the very early days of Beatlemania, screaming fans turned up to Harrison’s house in Liverpool and were greeted by the man himself – but they left when they were told, “No, Paul McCartney doesn’t live here.” Beatles merchandise available at the height of Beatlemania included not just boots, sweaters, hats, and wigs, but also bubblebath, talcum powder, and women’s stockings.